Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blarney, Ireland

When in Ireland, we traveled to Blarney to visit the world renowned Blarney Castle. The views were magnificent and the grounds were absolutely beautiful. There were trees that only God knows how old they were. Below was one such tree. You can appreciate how absolutely big it was with this photo. I loved the way it just spread out with welcoming open arms. It just invited you to sit a spell. I remember thinking as I took it in; I wonder how many people through the years have sat under this tree to think or dream or to work out problems or just enjoy the ones they love.
Clay & Chandler

Stephanie & Tom on top of Blarney Castle!

If you look above the window, under that metal casing is the Blarney Stone. The old tale says that those who kiss the Blarney stone will be blessed with the gift of gab or "blarney". I'm sure we all really need that! The kicker is that you have to lay down & hang over the wall upside down to actually kiss the stone! And it's really high up there! Blarney House! It was located behind the castle.
The grounds were beautiful. Words really can't describe.
Blarney Castle. We loved touring this. We all enjoyed it so much! It was fun to see how they built the castle & planned it all out.

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