Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Henderson's Corner

Several weeks ago Tom & I took the boys to stay with some friends in Helena. On the way back home, we stopped by Henderson's corner to see my cousin, Pop. Pop is my late grandfather's nephew. His family has owned the corners of the intersection of highway 49 & 17 in Monroe County for as long as I've known. We always try to stop by to leave a note or something when we are that way. I try to send Pop cards & letters from time to time just so he knows that he still has family. Pop has no children & he was an only child so really we're all the family he has. Which makes me really sad in a way. Anyway, we stopped by & as we were leaving a note, he pulled up. He asked could he drive us around the farm so we were off. He wants Tom to bring the boys down to duck hunt & frog gig really soon! He drove us on the levee he just had dug & built & he had Tom pull his tractor that wouldn't start for some reason back to his house. I think he enjoyed our visit. It was fun to let him show us around.

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