Monday, May 19, 2008

Rough weekend of baseball!!!

For those of you that have not heard, this past weekend has been a rough weekend of baseball! It all started Friday night when Chandler hit a double and was leading off second when the pitcher tried to pick him off. Chandler then dove back to the base and in the process broke his left middle finger. At the time he didn't want to go to the hospital for X-rays for the risk that he wouldn't get to play the rest of the weekend. Well, Sunday afternoon we were in the semi final game of the tournament when Chandler was playing shortstop and a hard hit ball took a bad hop and hit him between the eyes therefore breaking his nose!!! We were on top of him as soon as it happened. Play was suspended as we had the medics come and take him to Children's Hospital. After multiple X-rays it was determined that his finger AND nose were broken. Between my "chipmunk" cheeks (I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed Friday morning) and Chandler's swollen nose... we are a sight to see!!! Chandler keeps coming back with the comment, "That he hit a home run Saturday" with a broken finger!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Countdown has begun...

Just two weeks away for my first (of many) Triathlon! I must admit that I am somewhat nervous/worried about the swim portion of the race. I am a good swimmer it's just knowing that I will be racing against some top athletes!!! Oh well, I have to start somewhere. This is a great beginner race with a 400 yard swim, 13 miles bike ride and a 3 mile run. The bike and run I feel that I am ready for. Keep your fingers crossed.

I will be running a few 5k's here and there before my next "Tri" in July and August. I would like to try for a century Bike race (100 miles) coming up in September. We'll see about that one!!

I applied for a "lottery" spot for a Marathon in Utah this October and... I GOT IT!!!! It is the St. George Marathon and it is all down hill!!! This race course has a 2500 ft elevation drop. Now, understand that's a 2500 ft decline over 26.2 miles! This is great because this race is a Boston Qualifier. That means if I run it within 3hrs and 25 min I will be eligible to run the Boston Marathon. Getting picked to run the Boston is like making it to the "World Series"!! After the St. George Marathon I will then have a month off before my next Marathon in Wynn, Arkansas.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cabin Update!!!

This weekend we went to the cabin to start putting up the interior walls. We are going with a tongue and groove pine and it looks great. We have taken out the sink, counter top and cabinets and will replace them with new materials when we can get them. We have 90% of downstairs completed and I will finish the plumbing before I start on the upstairs. We have decided to add a shower in the bathroom so we can eventually shower "indoors" with Warm water!!!. My next few trips there I will be working on the plumbing and mowing the grass in the field next to the cabin. When I get the "funds"... I will be getting a tractor with a bush hog which will help speed up the mowing part of the job. We met out new neighbors Friday and come to find out they live in Little Rock and he is a plumber!!!! What more can I guy ask for!!! He told us they will be getting city water within the next few months so we should be right behind them!!! Hurray!!!!

Overall, it has been a fun time working up there. I would cut the wood and Stephanie would nail them in place. I must admit she is pretty handy with a nail gun. At one point she and I took a break to see the boys chest deep in the middle of the pond catching tadpoles! Now understand, these tadpoles were huge!!! They were having a blast. later that evening we cleaned up and went into town for dinner. Saturday we drove into Branson, MO to shop and play around. We hit our usual spots then started back toward the cabin when we ran into some major Thunderstorms with Tornado's. This Spring has been the craziest weather I can remember. We finally made it back to the cabin to "clear skies" and a "Peaceful" evening!!!