Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tough Day at the Office!!

This week I am in Denver, CO for one last "Manager's Meeting"! What can I say that the pictures aren't saying... "This is a tough Day at the Office"!!! Tomorrow we are heading to the golf course for a round before we all head out to the airport!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cabin Update!

After Chandler's practice this past Tuesday, we took off to the cabin to finish the interior walls. After arriving 12:30 am we hit the bed so we could start early the next morning! We hit the ground running the next day. I guess we started around 9 (I had to run to the hardware store for more nails for the gun) and after a quick break back to the hardware store and a trip to the local tasty-freeze, we finished around 2 this morning!!! Oh My!!! Now all we have to do is go back and complete the trim! Yea!!!

Our next project is the kitchen and bathroom. I will work on the plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom sink along with water for the toilet and shower!!!!! We can not wait!!! (and the crowds cheered for NO MORE Cold showers!!!)

During lunch, I took about 45 minutes to work on some weed eating with the mower/trimmer. We (I) have now decided to look for a tractor. We really could use a "front-end loader" and a "bush-hog"! I will keep you posted on that search!

Slowly but surely we are getting there!!!

Oh by the way, while we were up there two puppies came up from NO Where and just hung around. (after the boys kept feeding them!) We are planning on going back up this coming Monday and will check to see if they are still around!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Camp has come and gone!!!

We just finished a week of summer camp and I must admit that I am exhausted!!! Even though we are tired we know without a shadow of a doubt that it was worth it! We went up to camp last Wednesday to help out with the mowing and weed eating. OH MY!!!! The campers started coming in Friday night and Saturday morning. Over all the camp went well! We had a great group of kids which made it more enjoyable. Thanks to all that helped make this a great camping season!

While we were up near Mountain View, we traveled to Melbourne, AR to meet a man selling "Jeep Wranglers". I went to look at a white '99' model but Steph fell in love with the yellow and black 02. What can I say... I did too!!! Needless to say, we drove it home and late this afternoon we took the top and doors off and took it for a spin. What a blast!!!

We will be leaving in the morning for Erin, TN for our family reunion. My Grandfather is 99 years old and will be turning 100 this October!!! We are all heading to see him for Father's Day! We are really looking forward to our time with him!