Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer is Coming!!

It's hard to believe that summer is almost here. We have been so busy with baseball that it just hit me today that everything is getting greener!
The boys and I went to the cabin the other day to check on it after all the storms, and I am happy to report that all is well. Except for the wasp, the place is in great shape. I spent most of the time upstairs sucking up wasp with the shopvac. It was a picture to behold. I completed the stairs on the front porch and did a few other odds and ends around the place. One of my friends gave me a air conditioner (window unit) that I will install the next visit. I am still working on the interior walls and the plumbing. In time it will all come together!

well since my last post, we have played in Southaven, MS and Alma, AR. We played some very tough teams and came away from both tournaments with a 2-2 record. Not too bad considering we have only played three tournaments so far. We will get better as time goes on.

Today I am working on the pool so it will be ready when warmer weather gets here. I really need to start training for the swimming part of my first Triathlon. I must admit I am more nervous about the swim than I am about the running or biking. I know the nervousness will go away very quickly as soon as I get my first "Tri" race under my belt.

I will be hitting the road this week heading to Tampa to visit Clients and while I am there my boss and I will be going to a couple of Devil Rays games. I am looking forward to it! You know me, Any chance I get to see a Major League Game is a "Good Day"!