Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cabin Work...

Yesterday it was the "boys night out" at the cabin. On our way up there we stopped at a store in Clinton, AR that I have been dying to see. Needless to say their idea and my idea of bargains were worlds apart. We didn't leave empty handed though, we bought a sign to hang at the cabin and Clay got to pet and feed a fawn!!! We arrived late afternoon and installed the kitchen sink and new cabinets. Stephanie and I found the antique sink at a "used furniture" store. It took some work but I think it paid off!! After a few quick odds and ends we headed into town for dinner at Pizza Hut! Needless to say the boys had pizza for dinner and a "midnight" snack! Once we got back I unpacked the new toilet and put it in it's place. It will be ready to hook up as soon as the water is turned on. The rest of the evening I worked on our upstairs rails. I have been needing to do this for awhile, I have just never got to it until this weekend. I finished around one am and finally got into bed and watched the ending of a movie with Clay. The last I looked at the clock it was 2:15!!!! Thank God Steph called and woke me up this morning otherwise I wouldn't have made it to the lumber store!! After I got dressed I made myself a few notes and heading into town.
After my "quick" trip to the lumber and grocery" store I was back at it. I bought some wood to put under the stair so it will enclose the bathroom. I finished that rather quickly, then it was on to my next project of completing the interior and exterior plumbing. I now have everything ready to hook my lines up to the water meter. I will have a local man come out this week to dig my water line trenches and a hole for the septic tank and field lines. We are so close I can taste it!!!!