Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Countdown has begun...

Just two weeks away for my first (of many) Triathlon! I must admit that I am somewhat nervous/worried about the swim portion of the race. I am a good swimmer it's just knowing that I will be racing against some top athletes!!! Oh well, I have to start somewhere. This is a great beginner race with a 400 yard swim, 13 miles bike ride and a 3 mile run. The bike and run I feel that I am ready for. Keep your fingers crossed.

I will be running a few 5k's here and there before my next "Tri" in July and August. I would like to try for a century Bike race (100 miles) coming up in September. We'll see about that one!!

I applied for a "lottery" spot for a Marathon in Utah this October and... I GOT IT!!!! It is the St. George Marathon and it is all down hill!!! This race course has a 2500 ft elevation drop. Now, understand that's a 2500 ft decline over 26.2 miles! This is great because this race is a Boston Qualifier. That means if I run it within 3hrs and 25 min I will be eligible to run the Boston Marathon. Getting picked to run the Boston is like making it to the "World Series"!! After the St. George Marathon I will then have a month off before my next Marathon in Wynn, Arkansas.

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