Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home Repairs

In June, we decided to do some repairs on the house. We had some siding to replace, & we wanted to paint it to hopefully make a dramatic difference. We worked from June 23 until July 5. We were able to hire a few guys, Jose & Raul, who attend the Hispanic church that rents our old church building, to help us one day to replace the siding that was on the 2nd story in the back & on the side that we couldn't reach. They were a tremendous blessing to us. There is absolutely no way Tom, Chandler, & I could have done it without them. Chandler was a huge help to Tom & me throughout the whole process. Clay was a help too, & he really wanted his fort to be enclosed so with the left over siding, Tom & I fixed him up! The process was delayed because of a robin and her 2 little babies. We watched the birds everyday & finally they left the nest! They caused the process to be a little longer than necessary but the little birds finally left the nest! One of our friends used to paint houses, & he loaned us his paint sprayer. I think we'd still be painting if he hadn't been so generous. We were very thankful to Gerald! We like it the outcome & think it turned out really well.

Fort Before

The Robin Hold-up
Fort After

House After

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Grammyof13 said...

I didn't know the fort was involved. That is so cute. The house looks wonderful. I'm proud for you.