Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet the Charging Wildcats

Friday night NLR High School had ceremony to introduce all of the fall sports. Chandler is running cross country so his team was announced. It was fun to see all of the kids we know who are playing sports & other activities & a neat way to kick off the year. Chandler doesn't really like running, but is participating to stay conditioned for baseball. One day at practice I heard some of the guys talking about working on their time so they could get a scholarship for college. I was telling Chandler about it & he said, "Mom, I will go to Clown College before I get a scholarship running!" I literally died laughing. I said...Chandler, I'm right there with you! I don't like it either, that's why in track, I ran hurdles. They were a short distance & over quickly! He is my child for sure!!!

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