Thursday, August 12, 2010

Drive-In Movie

Last week we took a mini-vacation to the cabin. Marshall has a drive-in movie that is open year-round Friday-Tuesday. We've never been to a drive-in so we decided it would be a fun time for the boys. It cost us $12 to get in the movie for all of us. Clay was free! We took in the whole experience with the actual car speakers. The sound of the movie can be heard on the car radio but we decided since it was our first experience we do it right! We decided to make a night of it & eat out too. Their concession is great! We bought 4 drinks, a large popcorn, a cotton candy, a hot dog, 3 hamburgers & nachos for $17.50. That my friends, if you've been to the movies in the last 10 years, is a bargain! We saw the Eclipse movie, & we'd all seen it before so we weren't that excited about it. But the whole experience was fun. Next time, we will take a blanket or our lawn chairs & sit outside but we will definitely do it again. It was a fun time!

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