Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the first day of 9th & 5th grades.........

August 19 was the first day school for the NLR Schools. Chandler started 9th grade today at "real" school. He's been homeschooled since he was in kindergarten. He decided last year that he really wanted to go to school for various reasons. We've talked, prayed, discussed & discussed it. I've had my reservations, not about his ability but about my role in preparing him. It's a very humbling feeling to know that someone else will be critiquing my role as a parent, teacher, and sole educator of my child. Most people will never face those feelings & thoughts but for those of us homeschooling parents out there who decide to put our children into the school system we can totally relate & know that this is where the rubber meets the road. I've never been one to really care if people agree or disagree with the decisions I make for my children but in this instance I can only pray that I've done well & that I've prepared him.

We've had God's tremendous blessing all along the registration and enrollment process so we are extremely happy about that. Generally 9th graders take Algebra I, but Chandler took that last year. We got permission from the school district by providing my lesson plans, course of study, grades, etc for him to use his Algebra I that he took last year & move on to Geometry. So he's starting high school with a high school credit in math, & he's never attended a public school. I loved Chandler's attitude about it. I told him that we would pray about it, submit the materials, & we would take whatever decision they made. He said, "Mom, it will be ok if they don't, I'll take the class again." God blessed us; so Yeah God!!

So here he is in the car ready to go. He was super excited! When we got out to the car early that morning, there was a small sack on the windshield. It was a sweet note, bag of goodies, & some money for lunch from Jerri, my sister. I was not worried, emotional or anything about him going to school until I read the note. It was such a sweet gesture that I thanks Jerri...for messing up my mascara! LOL.
Chandler's First Day of 9th Grade!

Chandler reading Jerri's note!

Jerri's Note!

Now not to leave Clay out. He was along for the ride to school. After we dropped Chandler off, our friend, Taylor, missed the bus on the first day. He called me so we headed over to pick him up & take him to East Campus where he & Chandler both go. He as a little anxious that the bus came early & he missed it on the first day, but I think we talked him out of his nervousness on the way to school. He was a little late but it was ok.

After dropping Taylor off, Clay & I went to the home school "Not Back to School Breakfast" at the donut shop. There were so many homeschoolers there that there was hardly room to sit. We visited with some old friends, then headed home to start our school day! All in was a great first day of school!
Clay's First Day of 5th Grade!


Sherry Jo said...

Once again thank you for rescuing my boy on the first day of 9th grade.

baseball boys said...

You're welcome!!!