Friday, August 13, 2010

A Day at the Buffalo

The Buffalo River is really close to the cabin so we decided to take a day to canoe. We decided that Clay would canoe with Tom & Chandler would canoe with me. Boy that was an experience. Chandler & I had an interesting day. Chandler had never canoed so he had to get used to navigating us. In the mean time, we went ashore several times, he ran me into a log once & we hit a huge rock going about 10MPH. That was hilarious because he didn't realize we were going to hit the rock & he went flying on his butt into the bottom of the canoe. We laughed & laughed. Tom & Clay spent the day laughing at us because I'm sure we were a sight. The fun day was dampened by the drowning of a young man in a group just ahead of us. It was a good lesson to the boys of how a fun time can quickly turn tragic in just a matter of moments. Before the tragedy, Clay didn't really think he needed his life jacket, after the drowning, he said he wasn't taking it off. It made our day a very thought provoking one & we were able to talk about some not-so-pleasant topics that sometimes just need to be talked about in life. All in all though it was a great day! And we will definitely canoe again!
Tom--master canoer

Chandler & Stephanie---the not so experts!
Our little picnic! If we had not stopped to eat at this point, we probably would have been right upon the drowning.
Clay & his first time to sport the canoe paddle! He did great!
Our guide took this quick picture of us before we set out!

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