Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Driving on the Wrong-side of the Road

If driving on the wrong side of the road wasn't bad enough. The car was a standard & being a passenger was probably worse than driving. This is the car in the lot at the rental place. Weird!

Tom in the driver's seat...aka...the passenger seat for those of us who drive on the "right" side!!!
Me in the passenger seat. Trying to read a map & reminding Tom...stay to the left! That became my favorite words everytime we got in the car. To the Left! To the left! Even pulling out of a parking lot was backwards!
If driving & riding on the wrong side weren't bad enough...we had no idea how fast 100km/h was! haha Good thing the speed odometer was in both! The road signs, if there were any, were also down low & were on the left sides of the road. They also had round-a-bouts which took us several to finally get used to. We quoted Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation several times...Look kids Big Ben! You really had to be there.
This was the view on oncoming traffic on a state road. These were nice, they had shoulders & were really wide compared to what you'll see next.

This was a house. I took this picture from the passenger's seat as we were driving through a small village. The local roads were extremely narrow & definately scarry!

This was oncoming traffic from the passenger's seat again in a small village! It looks like they were going to hit us because it certainly felt like it!
This was the rock wall beside the roads. This again from the passenger's seat. There were times that the grass on the side of the road touched the mirror. That's how narrow the roads were.
Now imagine the bus coming at you on the right with the rock wall on the left & you're sitting in the wrong passenger seat & the wrong driver's seat shifting gears with the wrong hand! Needless to say we were some kind of tense when we would get out of the car! It was fun though because we survived!!!!

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