Monday, July 19, 2010

Train from London to Holyhead

We took a train from London to Holyhead to catch a ferry to Ireland. The countryside was beautiful. We had a nice train ride. We've taken a train before from Jersey to DC but never in another country. I was sick with some type of cold so I actually slept on the train & for those of you who know know I was sick to sleep anywhere sitting up.

Beautiful country side. I'm not sure what the yellow flowers were but they were everywhere & they gave such a contrast to the green. There were castles alongside the cliffs too. The homes in the countryside were beautiful, but too many to share here.

A lighthouse on England's coast. The view of England from the sea aboard the ferry.

This was the ferry we took to Ireland. It was actually like a cruise ship.

This was the lighthouse we saw on the Irish coast. The trip over to Ireland was really foggy & cold so we couldn't view very much. This was a view of Ireland from the ferry.

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