Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Blue Jays

Before we got the pool ready for the summer, we had drained it & it had debris in the bottom. A huge storm blew through & blew some baby blue jays, who's parents I feed with popcorn & bread crumbs, out of their nest. This little fellow jumped around until he found himself in the bottom of the pool & couldn't get out. We watched the mom & dad swooping down into the pool to try to get him to fly out but to no avail. We propped a long board into the pool hoping he would figure out to climb out. We left for church that night & decided to check on him when we got back. He still was in the pool. Tom got a big piece of hard plastic & shewed him on it & we got him out without touching him & put him on the deck. He began jumping around & hid under some monkey grass until morning. I guess he made it because we never found blue jay feathers in the backyard!
Here he was enjoying freedom from the pool!

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