Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tom's Tri

Last Sunday, Tom ran a Tri-Sprint for the 2nd year. He was worried about the swimming because that was the event he had trouble with last year. He finished the swim this year in pretty good time so we were excited for him about that. Clay & I were keeping up with the time so we could watch for him on the bike. We were able to cheer him on, & we're proud of him for endeavoring such an event. I'm amazed at the people who accomplish these events. I suppose the general consensus is that they are these extremely athletic people who are in tip-top shape. Not so. There were people there from all walks of life & literally all shapes & sizes. Now granted there were some who had about 1% body fat, but they were right next to the person with 75% body fat. We were proud of Tom for training & accomplishing the race! Way to go Tom!

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