Thursday, August 27, 2009


We tend to overlook those who society or, sadly even, the church deems unworthy. Those who may act a little different or talk a little different or may have "sinned" a little too much or are perhaps are too young, like children. Lest we begin to feel like this is new; it isn't It happened back in Jesus' time too, even by his beloved 12. He told them they must change & become as little children otherwise they'd never enter Heaven. He didn't mean childish behavior or mentality. He meant that the greatest take a humble status.

Children were the lowest members of society, a commodity, ones who were dependent on others for their very life. Definitely not in the "upper crust". Jesus wanted his 12 to stop and consider that they shouldn't think of themselves as first or the best. Paul tells us to "do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves". What?!? We don't like to think of others better than ourselves, but that is just what we should do. Sadly, we tend to build ourselves up by thinking we're just a little better than the next person, or proud that we haven't done this or we've elevated to a certain level.

We have to humble ourselves, trusting not in our "worth" but His. Trusting not in our abilities, but His. Jesus was in the "very nature of God but He made himself nothing taking on the nature of a servant and was crucified on a cross", maybe our version of lethal injection or the electric chair...the punishment we give to the lowest in society. We are to be as humble as that. How tremendously would our lives change if we were? Giving of ourselves.

The future of any ministry isn't to see a life changed but to teach one how to make decisions that will change his life. The Kingdom of God reaches us at points and places where we least expect it. Isn't it ironic that those with seemingly nothing give the most? A giver embraces the heart of the lonely and touches the need of the sinner. It was a Giver who changed the outcome of our existence & soothed the pain of our greatest need. When was the last time I gave away something I felt I was entitled to? When have I given my best to those I was convinced deserved it the least?

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