Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cabin Adventures

This weekend we made a trip to the cabin for several reasons. We needed to check on things, we needed to bring the trailer home so we could haul some wood back that we're getting to put a deck around the cabin, and to do a little work. So we set out to do just that. Graeson & my dad went up with us so we definitely had fun with Graeson to entertain us. The boys played in the pond, caught frogs, tadpoles, & butterflies. Graeson was so tired last night that he said, "Steppie, I've gotta go t' bed" Now imagine that in his little country voice.

He caught a little yellow butterfly, held on to it for a while & then let it go. It did fly off, so he was gentle with it. The 2 tiny frogs he caught however were not so lucky. They passed on. We did have a funeral & buried 'em under a log. Those poor little things either died from lack of oxygen or being squeezed to death in a chubby little hand but whichever...they're goners.

The boys threw rocks until I was sure we'd run out of rocks. Then eventually, slowly, and surely edged their way into the water. They caught walking sticks, bull frog tadpoles & frog eggs. At one point Graeson was all the way in the water up to his head. I thought I saw the dirty water go into Graeson's mouth. I said "Graeson, don't drink that water it's nasty." He said, "I not drinkin' it." A second time I thougth I saw him spit out water, so again say, "Graeson, don't drink that nasty water." He said in his country voice, "Steppie, I'm not drinkin' it, I jist washin' my mouff out!" Oh, well that makes all the difference in the world now doesn't it? I just laughed. I figured whatever bacteria was there...was in there now! I felt like Tantor in Tarzan...'Mommy are you sure this water is safe? Yes, honey. But what about bacteria?' Anyway, bacteria & all they played & played & had a wonderful time.

At one point Chandler & Clay had gotten out of the pond & Graeson was in there by himself. He got really quiet, & I could tell he was thinking. He said, (remember country voice) "Hey, Steppie, is a alligator gonna gi'me?" I said, "What?" He said, "Is a alligator gonna gitme?" I said..."oh no Graeson, there are no alligators in our pond!" I just laughed & laughed...I'm amazed at his thought process. I think he's been watching Animal Planet or something.

We did work some, Tom was able to use the box blade to smooth out some of the areas toward the creek. The picture above really needed a before & after. We moved lots of rocks (see picture above) & burned some downed trees. But didn't work too terribly hard. It was a wonderful couple of days up there. The weather was great & as always just a nice time away.

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