Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cabin News

We took a trip to the cabin after Doris' play. The land looked like a jungle. We haven't been able to get up there since April. We definitely can't let that happen again. We arrived about midnight & began unloading the truck. As I was going upstairs, I just so happened to look to my right in the window sill. There looking at me was 2 little black, beady eyes & 2 alert little ears. I nearly killed myself getting back down the stairs. He definitely wasn't as cute as Mickey! I think we scared him away, if not, we left him some nice little poison to nibble on. We got up early this morning to start the mowing expedition. Tom got on the tractor & I started weed-eating.

Now many of you may not know, but I really hate power tools. After I use one, I just about have to pray through. Nothing frustrates me more than a gas-powered lawn tool that won't crank. Tom cranked the weed-eater for me, gets on the tractor & starts mowing. I chop about 3.2 weeds when the thing dies. Deep breaths...deep breaths I tell myself. So I pulled the cord...amazingly it starts again. I'm getting really excited thinking no big deal, I'm like that girl on tv who does this all the time. I chop down about 5.7 more weeds, & I hit a thick, barky weed & all of my line is gone. Deep, cleansing breaths; I tell myself. I sit the stupid thing on the trailer & just look at it. Tom, by the way, is just riding along on his chariot & his never dies. I think, ok, this tool from the abyss is not going to beat me. So I gently try to figure out how to fix the cord. Whaaalaaa! I did it. I took it apart & put it back together again! And I actually get it cranked again. I am on a roll. I head around to the front of the cabin & the idiotic thing dies again! I decide at that point that it's time for a break so I go inside, fix me some toast & coffee, bring the rocking chair onto the deck & sit & rock & watch Tom riding on his red chariot. I waved at him a couple of times, but do you think he saw me....well no.

After a while Tom does come crank the thing for me, & we do accomplish much more. He tried to make a funny about I probably really didn't want to do much work. He probably should have been glad that it wouldn't crank...I think there was a horror movie like this where people were chopped up! I then told him that if anything ever happened to him, that I was selling all the gas powered tools & buying electric ones because they worked EVERY time you plugged them in...he just laughed and said yeah right, you'll just hire a yard boy! He's probably right, but we won't tell him!

Mom & dad stopped by the cabin on their way home from Branson to visit. I was telling them the weed eater story & Dad said that I needed to create a flag system so that if I needed Tom while he was on the tractor, I'd put the flag a certain way...of course that would mean the king would have to glance around the kingdom while riding on his chariot. I'm sure we can figure out something. Maybe we could hire a yard boy...oh wait...we have 2 sons! Well problem solved!

We had a nice time. Worked a lot, still a lot more to do, we're going to go again soon to mow everything again so the land will be smooth & cleared. You can see a few before & after shots above. Well...Until then....

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