Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swim Training

There is some type of apparatus that people can get to attach them to the pool so they can swim in place. We haven't purchased one of those yet, so Tom decided that a rope would work well enough to see if it was something he wanted to buy. So he tied a rope around himself & the tree next to the pool and began to swim. Amazingly it worked. He swam in place for 20 minutes or more. The boys & I of course found it quite humorous. We thought it was funny to see someone swimming so hard, but not moving. Chandler decided that we should untie him. So they boys go out & work hard at untying the rope so he doesn't know they're out there. They finally get him untied & he realizes he's not attached to the tree anymore. He told us he was watching a spot on the bottom of the pool & wondered why it was moving...we had a great laugh...doesn't take much to entertain us for sure!

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