Saturday, August 1, 2009


Friday night we attend Conway Dinner Theater's presentation of Oliver. We arrived early for a great dinner. The food was wonderful! We had a joke/bet on the way that it would be chicken or roast beef. Chicken won! Generally, we probably would not have attended the Conway Dinner Theater since we live in NLR, but we were invited to see someone we knew in the presentation. Tom's mom,Doris, a.k.a. Grammy, tried out for a part in the musical & got it. She did a great job. I got a few snap shots of her. I even got one of her drinking....I think it was gin! LOL! We're really proud of her adventurous spirit in trying new things. The musical was wonderful! If you get a chance, she's performing again next weekend. Give her a call, I bet she can get you tickets. It's a fun evening out!

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