Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Dog

We found this huge dog! Of course the photo doesn't do it justice, but it's enormous. I told everyone it would be a great addition to the Jr. High Youth room at church. So we snagged it. Invariably someone spent some big money winning this guy at a fair, but for us...it was free! We decided it would be really funny to drop him off at Michelle's, the new Jr. High Youth leader's, & see what a commotion he caused. So we headed over there. Clay was in ninja mode & rolled across the yard, hiding behind trees & keeping low. Chandler toted the big guy & set him up at the door & rung the doorbell. Tom, the boys, Jason & LaCinda, & me were hiding in the bushes out of sight. They all came to the door...saying what is it? oh my goodness? It's huge! We gave ourselves away from laughing so hard. All of the little guys had to ride him & tackle him & had a great time playing with him. We think he'll be a really fun for the guys at church...until all of his stuffing falls out anyway!

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Michelle said...

Thanks guys! It was loads of fun and laughs when we opened that door!! Can't wait to move him to the new building!