Tuesday, July 26, 2011

God, Why those pesky little things??

Do you wonder….why God?

Why are there mosquitoes?

Ok…maybe for birds and reptiles to eat.

But why so many bugs? Spiders? Was it necessary to create chiggers?

I wonder what divine purpose God had in mind?

I certainly haven’t discovered a reason.

What about poison ivy, oak, & sumac? For what purpose?

Was He sitting there at the beginning thinking of ways to torment us?

No!! But why God?

I’m sure we can ponder, come up with great reasons…and wonder….and wonder.

Or we can just accept the good and the bad of it all & know that on the day of creation He saw that it was good.

Maybe we’ll just have to wait to ask Him & then maybe….it just won’t matter.

©Stephanie Thompson August 24, 2009

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