Thursday, July 28, 2011

Does Your Heart Need Fixing?

Romans 12:15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.

I think one of the most freeing times in my spiritual journey was when I was able to whole-heartedly live this verse. I’m not sure at which point it occurred but somehow, someway through my prayer time, study of the word, and application of God’s principles to my life, & sincerely knowing Him, God had transformed my heart to be able to get there. I don’t remember a specific event or situation that I became aware that this change had been made in my life. I just know that it did.

Now generally we think we don’t have too big of a problem weeping with those who weep but do we? Do we have a little snippet of joy when we think someone gets what they quite possibly deserve? Maybe a person is heartbroken over a situation, and we are somewhat saddened but deep down think, well if you had done this or that you wouldn’t be in this situation, even if it is true? Is that weeping with those who weep? Do we have 1000 solutions of what they should do to fix their problems instead of listening & then just praying? Most of the time people just want to know that someone hears them & is attentive to their need, even if a solution isn’t possible. Are we really weeping with those who weep? Or in our elevated sense of us, do we feel the need to correct?

On the other side of the verse is the rejoicing side, do we have a problem with the rejoicing part? We have a hard time being happy for those who get blessed with something we don’t. We don’t like the fact that they got a brand new…whatever….and ours is 10 years old. They get an enormous raise or a new house. We have a hard time being truly happy for the happiness of others. This little green monster creeps up called jealously and envy, and we cannot truly be happy them.

When we are able to rejoice with those who are rejoicing it opens so many doors for us. It allows us to be able to be happy with them, be happy in ourselves & just have all around joy. We don’t have to worry about jealousy or envy because we are rejoicing. When we weep with others, we have compassion and concern & love. We are able to empathize with them and understand the pain we would feel if we were in that situation.

As we walk with God, He shows us how to weep & rejoice. As we learn & relate to His heart, we become Christians who can relate to one another’s hearts. For God weeps and rejoices with us. He loves us. He cares for us. He delights in us. We in turn should do that for others.

If you find yourself not being able to sincerely weep or rejoice for others, then ask God why. Wait on His reply because He will show you. Look sincerely at your heart because it needs fixing and the only One who can mend it is Him! Trust me, I know, I used to have a broken heart too but God gave me the gift of weeping & rejoicing!

©Stephanie Thompson July 2011

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Sherry Jo said...

Thank you for sharing. What a great reminder of having the heart of God and being sensitive to each other's needs.