Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Summer State High School Champs

NLR Charging Wildcats won the 2011 Summer State Champs in Conway last night! The guys played an awesome tournament with a tournament record of 5-0! The whole weekend the boys were on their A game!

Chandler had the privilege of pitching the championship game against the Conway Wampus Cats & did an outstanding job!!! He pitched a total of 115 pitches for the game of which 36 were balls & 79 were strikes! He had no walks, one hit by pitch (poor Conner) & 6 strike outs! He gave up one home run to Evan, a great baseball friend! Great shot E! Our defense was on their game with only 3 errors. Only one of those errors scored. Conway had 12 hits but our defense kept them at only scoring 7 runs!

The Wildcats had 8 hits for the game, 3 hit by pitch, 4 walks, 5 strike outs but scored 11 runs due to haulin' it on the bases! Way to run guys! Chandler had 5 at bats with one walk, 2 fly outs, reached base on an error which scored & had a single to right field which scored. His at bats weren't the greatest but the pitching was "on"!

The entire tournament was great from the pitching to the hitting to the defense! I have to give a shout out to the catchers this weekend: Dylan & Jovani were on their A game! The team played well together & in this heat of 100 degrees with 110 heat index....we couldn't have asked for a better time & game from everyone!!!

As a parent it's always a blessing to hear people say nice things about your kid & so many people expressed what a great job Chandler did. He really did, and we are very proud of him. I think those extra special comments where people go out of their way to specifically track down your number from a mutual friend to give you a call to express kindness toward your child & how that your family has touched theirs is an extra special pat on the back. In all that we do we are reaching, touching, & affecting people's lives either positively or negatively! Even in baseball!

Thanks Wildcats for a fun last weekend of baseball for the 2011 season & way to go out with a bang!!!!! Looking forward to the next 3 years!!!!

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