Sunday, July 24, 2011

Do You Wonder?

Do you wonder? What do you wonder?

How many stars? How vast is the ocean?

Do you wonder? What do you wonder?

Who is happy? Who is sad? Fears? Who is safe?

Gazing out over a city at night, Lights in the windows,

Who is hungry? Who is scared? Being held? Begin hurt?

Staring into the darkness, do you wonder who you are?

Consider how insignificant you are…in the vastness of it all?

Yet, how truly important you are to some.

Do you wonder? What do you wonder?

©Stephanie Thompson July 22, 2009


Anonymous said...

A perfect example of knowing how great you are through the Eyes of God.

baseball boys said...

Yes, to Him we are everything!!!!

Sherry Jo said...

I do wonder how such a magnificent God can love even me. And as I wonder of his greatness, mercy, and love, I musn't get overwhelmed but must have faith and joy in knowing that he just loves me so.