Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainy Days at the Cabin

Wednesday night after church, we drove up to the cabin to winterize it before the cold weather hits. The big rain storm came in during the night. All day Thursday it rained. We set out on an adventure hike in the pouring rain. Anyone who knows me knows that this was really fun for us! We love playing in the rain!

Tom, Chandler & Clay hiking up the hill. We were soaked.
Rain was dripping off our faces & caps!

This is actually a road at the back of our property.
The creek goes through the road. The water was extremely deep.
Normally the water is not this high. It was flowing really fast.

The same creek on the other side of the property.
Normally the creek is a nice, calmly flowing stream!

Where Tom is walking, the pond is actually overflowing.

Here you can see the pond if completely full.
The previous photo was taken from the other side.
Normally it isn't this full!

We had a great time! We stayed up late! We slept late! Watched 5 or 6 movies. Ate lots of stuff! And actually did a little work on the cabin....inside stuff that has been put off because there is so much outside stuff to do!
The cabin is a fun place to be!

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