Friday, October 2, 2009

A Day Away

Since church was canceled Wednesday night due to the Swine Flu, which I refuse to call H1N1 because the government wants us to, plus Swine Flu sounds more fun, we decided to make a quick trip to the cabin to check on things. The boys wanted to take the tent to sleep on the deck. When we arrived, the wind was howling & it was cold. But they went to work setting up the tent. It took all four of us to hold it down so it wouldn't blow away until we could anchor it. I made my way to my bed, & Tom & the boys slept outside. I sent Tom a text message when I heard the coyotes howling. I actually thought it was a panther because it did sound like a scream, but Tom said it was coyotes. The boys thought it was only dogs so all was well in tent-land. They went right off to sleep, Tom however had a little more trouble....after all, he is older & the wood is harder to older bodies.

Thursday was a misty, overcast, rainy day but Tom was able to mow the property. The boys & i watched movies & chilled. Later that night we drove into Marshall to eat at the Daisy Queen. Good old tastee freeze cheeseburgers & crinkle cut fries. The meal wasn't complete without a butterscotch sundae or chocolate milk shake. When we arrived back at the cabin, the boys & I took the sleeping bags to the deck to do a little star gazing. We discussed the awesomeness of God. How He planned and designed the universe & how He knows the stars, millions of them, by name! Amazing!
And a trip to the cabin wouldn't be complete without discovering another of God's strange critters. We found this weird caterpillar. We're not sure what kind it is, but we're sure God must have said...."You know, I think I'll create one with wild hair sticking out in random places..." God's creativity is totally amazing. We are totally amazed by Him!
We're very thankful for all God has done for us. Blessing us in many ways, so many we can't begin to list them. We're blessed beyond belief, & we don't take lightly all that He does for us! I pray that during this time of year, that you begin to reflect on all that He's done for you! I've found that when we have a thankful heart life goes so much better. We don't have time to grumble, complain, gripe, or say woe is me....because we're too thankful to consider those things. May you begin the season of thanksgiving in your life because you truly are blessed!

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