Monday, December 29, 2008

The Final Christmas of '08

My Guys Todd & Tom Graeson

Graeson & Boopie A Big Game of Uno Clay, McKenzie, & Emma Grace

Our final '08 Christmas celebration was spent yesterday in Marvell. We all met at Aunt Frances' for "snacks" since we were all "holiday dinnered" (is that a word?) out. Sadly, Mom & Dad weren't able to make it because of Dad's surgery & Mom was really sick. We all missed them. I know they would have loved to have been there.

While we were there, games were played, trees were climbed, gifts were opened, laughs were abundant, and even a few tears were shed. As always, when we all get together, we had a wonderful time. We all missed Grandma and Grandpa. Terri Jo gave us all an ornament that had Grandma's picture in it & when you pushed a button, it was Grandma's voice. It was such a thoughtful gift. Definitely one of my favorites for the year.
I am extremely thankful for family. We all have such a good time when we're together. We just never seem to have enough time to visit for long periods. We are just grateful for the small increments of time we do have together. Perhaps that's what makes those visits even more special. Everyone realizes that we all have responsibilities and successful lives and no one puts their expectations on anyone else. As I think about that, I suppose we inherited that contentedness from Grandma. She was always happy just to see us and was even more happy that we were doing things that made us happy. I do miss the time that is spent with family but am grateful for the time we do spend together. Of course I'm thinking it's about time for another family cruise...anyone else game?

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