Saturday, December 13, 2008

Clay's Birthday Party

Today Clay celebrated his 9th birthday. The actual day isn't until the 23rd, but we had the party a little early so it wouldn't get caught up in all of the Christmas celebrations. He chose a military theme, & all the guests were encouraged to wear camo & bring a toy gun. Tom & I worked hard on his tank cake. It turned out really well and was delicious. When all of the kids arrived they were off to the fort Clay & Tom refurbished. Everyone played & had an awesome time. They had so much fun, we had to make them all come in for cake. This is how a birthday party should be, fun, fun, fun. I think Clay had a party to remember. I'm even considering contacting the parents of the kids who attended to see if they want to meet regularly so the kids can play with their guns & play army or just whatever. Tom and I had a really great time visiting with the parents & adults who came to the party. I'm sure we'll celebrate again on the actual day, but that will be with just us. Clay had a great time & that is what really matters.


Michelle said...

Great looking cake! Sorry we missed it!

The Scotts said...

The kids, especially Logan, would have loved his party. Wish we could have been there to celebrate. We love you guys!! Happy early birthday Clay!!
Ron, Sandy, Katrina & Logan

The Scotts said...

Hey guys! My kids would have loved being at your party, especially Logan - he would have loved the cake!! Wish we could have celebrated with you - anyway, happy birthday early!!
Love, Ron, Sandy, Katrina & Logan