Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Again!

The Motley Crew of Cousins!

Today, after a very long night & very early morning with my dad having an emergency appendectomy, which resulted in about 2 hours of sleep for us, we drove to Grammy & Papa's for the annual family Christmas. I was absolutely starving when we got there so I was ready to eat all of the wonderful food everyone fixed. I tried my hand at making dressing. I used Grandma's ole tried & true recipe, but making dressing is really scary if you've never done it before. I had several tell me it tasted good so I suppose it did. Everything was really delicious. After lunch Tom, Greg, & Mike headed to the hardware store to pick up some supplies for one of Grammy's Honey-Do Projects. I think they went to every lumber store in town before finally getting the correct supplies to complete the project. While they were gone, we had a great time visiting & catching up and just chatting. We hardly ever get to just sit and talk so it was nice. The kids were bursting at the seams to open presents; we finally obliged them, & they were contented. We were thoroughly entertained by watching old 1980s videos that Greg has been editing. Wow at the 80s hair-dos & the pounds that have been gained in 20 years! Thanks Greg for the memories. It was really nice to just visit and reminisce. After another round of dessert we headed home for some much deserved rest. We have one more Christmas celebration tomorrow in my hometown, & we're done for the year!

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