Sunday, December 14, 2008

Playing in the Rain

Today the boys and some friends played in the rain. They ran, chased, played basketball, jumped on the trampoline & lots of other stuff. As a child I always played in the rain, and I had the best of times. I am so very thankful that my mom & dad allowed it. So let me say "Thanks" to them here. They didn't think it was a big deal for me to get wet or chilled in the rain. I remember once as a child when I was at my Grandma Mac's & my cousin & I put on Grandma's old dresses, took our shoes off, & ran through her yard in the pouring rain. We laughed & had a wonderful time. We were drenched to the bone, but just like after a bath, we dried off just the same.
I do not believe that colds & flu are caused from playing in the rain. All studies show they are caused from the cold & flu I never cringe that getting a little wet from the rain will make one sick. In fact, we love to go out in the rain. I tend to want to shop in the rain because most other people want to stay in. And when we're running through the rain into the stores, I even let the boys stomp in the puddles & I even do it too if I have on the right shoes; after all you can't do that on sunny days. Rainy days make me happy. Perhaps that comes from the good times I had as a child playing in the rain. I hope that I'm passing that on to my children, and they can appreciate rain too. Hopefully they'll let their kids play in the rain too.
May I encourage you with this... Has it been a while since you played in the rain or have you ever played in the rain? May I suggest you try it. Or do something that you used to love to do...there are always mud pies to make, trees to climb, blankets to lay on to look at the clouds & stars & countless other things. Do something this week that makes you happy. It's lots of fun, & I promise you'll dry off. And just let me say, this would be the week to do's supposed to rain all week.

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