Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time to come back to reality!

The worst part about vacation is the "trip home"! We left Kona Monday afternoon at 2:30 and arrived to Honolulu around 3:15. We had just enough time to grab a quick snack before boarding our flight to Chicago. We left Honolulu at 5 pm and landed in Chicago at 5 am! I will say that has to be most horrific flight I have ever taken! Well... now we are in Chicago with our scheduled flight to depart at 6 this morning. After a few delays our flight canceled and now (hopefully) we will be departing at 1:20 this afternoon. All in all this has been a enjoyable trip.

Sunday we played at the beach for awhile then decided to head up the volcano to play in the snow... we traveled about an hour before we finally gave up. It is just way to cool to be able to be at the beach one minute then in the snow the next. This trip the waves were really high and we had a good time playing in them, but it made snorkeling a problem. The few times we did snorkel, we swam with a few puffer fish and turtles. At one point I was swimming around and came face to face with a turtle. I do now know who was more surprised me or the turtle.

Well, I will keep you posted as to where you want to send our Christmas presents... as of right now it looks like we will be living in the Admirals Club in Chicago!
More later...

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