Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do people still get the mumps? Really?

This is absolutely unbelievable. Yesterday Chandler was complaining about his ear hurting. We determined it was probably fluid. his left jaw began swelling...a lot. After some deliberation, we took him to the ER. Mumps? No way! He's been immunized! Doesn't matter? Really? Ok. I'm thinking so why did we spend all of that money on immunizations we just "had" to have. Well, we rushed home to do some googling on the mumps. Sounds pretty serious. So we're giving ibuprofen and hoping for the best. Not sure if Tom & I are having sympathy pains or what but...we're having pains behind our ears. Oh boy. Hope we don't get them too...we were immunized too, but I forgot...that doesn't matter. You might want to do some googling on the mumps, they're obviously going around Chandler caught them somewhere.


God is Faithful! said...

poor chandler! i am so sorry he has to have these!


Do some checking on vaccines, most do more harm than good and it builds the immune system for people to get the basic childhood illnesses the good old fashioned way.

The mumps have been going around for a long time and you are lucky they were honest that he has the mumps, in fact a recent medical journal said the mumps vaccine is almost useless in epidemic conditions. The same has pretty much been said about the chickenpox vaccine which by the way, has been linked with increase in people getting shingles.

Also, many times the Dr will tell people they have a viral swelling of the saliva glands, or put them on antibiotics because they think since the person has had the mumps vaccine it can't possibly be mumps!

One thing they don't tell people is people who have had the MMR are more likely to have a worse case of mumps or measles, and more likely to have complications---this is from Merck's own litrature, and they make the MMR!

If you have other kids in the house it would be best that they get mumps over and done with because like chickenpox it will be worse the older they are, and they will run into it again at some point in their life.

Three websites I would like you to read are and the second site while I disagree with much of the religious stuff, they are right on the mark with the vaccine injury stuff. The last site is Dr. Sherry Tenpenny's blog she is an expert on vaccines and is considered a credible source around the world.

So you know, I am a survivor of serious vaccine injuries and have reclaimed my health and am now a film maker and a health advocate because no one deserves to go through what I went through. I am one of the lucky ones but I am fighting back because it is sad that people (especially in the US) would prefer life long chronic illness over the usually minor childhood things.