Friday, December 7, 2007

A Birthday Present to remember!

I must say that I should have given myself a birthday present like this many years ago! This has been one of the most "laid back" trip we have taken in a long time. As most of you know, we came to Kona last year and couldn't wait to get back. This trip, we found a few "off the beaten path" beaches and just laid around our hotel lagoon. The surf has been up and therefore snorkeling has been a problem. One of our goals for this trip was to go on a "whale watch" excursion... that too has been a "NO GO" due to the fact that the whales are late this year. Oh "well"!!!


God is Faithful! said...

You look great! We miss you guys!

pastorgreg said...

It is cold and raining here, wish we were there;-)