Thursday, December 27, 2007

Snowed In!

Yesterday while traveling to the cabin it started to snow. Luckily we had time to stop at the grocery store on our way in, other wise we would have been without food for the next 24 hrs. It seemed like every mile we traveled the temperature would drop a degree or two as the flakes were getting bigger and accumulating fast. These pictures can not even come close to the beauty of it all. Well... while we were there, we worked through the afternoon and most of the evening putting up insulation! (Thank God I do not do that for a living!) It is pretty amazing how much of a difference the insulation helped! The cabin started out at 30 degrees then after the insulation it was a comfortable 67. We awoke this morning to a great breakfast Stephanie made consisting of eggs, bacon, and biscuits. You can't ask for better. We finished the upstairs ceiling this morning, then cleaned up the mess and headed down the mountain. In the process of working in the bathroom, I found that my pipes burst at some time. This being said, my next project is "re-doing" the plumbing. Oh well, It's just time and money!!!

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Great job on the album! Regular web master ;-) Greg