Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Clay has decided that he now wants to do Legos. His friend, Josh, has legos & he's played with him so obviously he wants to start collecting too. We set out today to find a certain lego set that he's researched on the Lego site on the internet. Wow...Legos are expensive. But he had points from reading books during the summer so I obliged. I talked to him greatly about the fact that the picture on the box is not what is inside the box. They are all little bitty pieces that must be put together to create what's inside. He claims he we purchased the Star Wars set that includes 437 pieces of little Legos that when put together properly create a Star Wars ship with several characters. Currently they are at the dining room table putting the 437 pieces together. Perhaps I can share a picture once it's completed. We'll see how it goes...until then, I hope I don't step on one of those pieces!


grammyof13 said...

That is too cute. I'd like to see the finished product myself, and unless he gets bored along the way, he just might accomplish it. Way to go Clay.

Michelle said...

Good luck Clay! I put together a MUCH smaller one for Will and it took me 3 hours, of course I am old, so you will prpbably do it a lot faster! Good luck, can't wait to see it!

The Scotts said...

Him & Logan would have a blast!! Logan loves legos. A kid across the street received a huge tub full of them so that's how Logan got started. Some of the things he puts together are pretty ingenious!! Have fun Clay!!