Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Civil War in the Delta

Saturday we attended the Civil War Celebration in Helena . We toured a few homes, watched canon demonstrations, & listened to some interesting stories. The Battle of Helena was a land battle fought on July 4, 1863. This battle secured eastern AR for the Union and became a base for the campaign to seize Little Rock later in the year. We visited the Confederate Cemetery where as recently as 2002 remains of unknown soldiers were discovered on Battery D in town. The funny bit of trivia that we discovered was one that all Arkansans can totally relate to during July. The Union soldiers dubbed Helena "Hell in Arkansas" due to the heat & humidity. I laughed out loud at that...can't we all relate.
We also visited the Delta Cultural Center & was reminded of the famous blues singers & musicians that came out of this area. We also discovered our blues names. Clay is Cripple Bones Franklin. We had lots of fun, remembering, & spending the day together.

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