Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Fun

Last weekend we met some of my family in Marvell & Memphis to spend a day at Graceland & playing around. My aunt created an Elvis display for my mom, who has always loved Elvis, before we got there. So we all admired all of the Elvis goodies when we arrived. We had such fun looking at all of the Elvis stuff during the day at Graceland.
I learned lots of things about Elvis during the visit. As a teenager my mom would save her lunch money to buy an Elvis poster for her room. It was fun for her to get to explore all of the "stuff". Clay has developed an admiration for the King of Rock n Roll. He's listening to his music & trying to dance like him...it's really funny. I was amazed by all that he'd accomplished & how altruistic he was. I didn't realize that he'd recorded over 600 songs & starred in over 30 movies. Since I was a young child in 1977, I suppose that he seemed much older than 42 when he died. He was very young; it's amazing that he did accomplish so much in such a short career. We definitely enjoyed the day & had a blast with family.

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