Sunday, November 2, 2008

Final Cross-Country Meet

Thursday night, we had our final cross-country meet out at Camp Robinson. It was an all-conference meet between Pulaski & Faulkner Counties. Chandler & Clay both ran the elementary race (ages 12-under). Chandler took the 1st place medal in that race which was 1 mile. Clay ran well & never gave up. I was extremely proud of him for giving it all he had. Chandler decided that he wanted to run the Jr. High race too. He took the 2nd place medal in that race. This race was 1.5 miles. A young guy from Faulkner won that could run and he was fast! After that race, Chandler decided that he wanted to run in the Sr. High race too (that's the glory of homeschooling, there aren't many restrictions regarding that sort of thing...if you feel you can do it...then by all means try!) Of course I would have been dying at this point, but he was ready to go. The Sr. High race was a 5K or 3.2 miles. Chandler came in 6th place in that race. Wow, I'm tired just thinking about it, but he did really well. I'm convinced Clay will get faster the more he runs, but you guys know Clay, he was there for his friends. He and his friend were running together, & he wouldn't leave his friend. I suppose that's a good character quality to have huh?
I've included the team photo so you wouldn't think that there were only 6 kids running (LOL). The team is a good size & not all students were present for this meet. The boys are ready for track & field in the spring!

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