Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Enrichment Academy Art

Today at academy our art teacher gave each of the Jr & Sr. high student a 2"x 2" square of an unidentified picture. Each student was to sketch and shade the part of the picture they received. After everyone completed their square, the teacher then had the students put the squares in order to see what they had drawn. The students came to find me to see if I could figure out what they had drawn. I said "well yes, that's Obama on the left and McCain on the right" (no pun intended). They were amazed that I could tell what they had drawn. I think they did an excellent job. The students enjoyed telling me what part of each candidate they had drawn. Chandler drew Obama's nostrils & upper lip. I thought this was an amazing art project especially on election day. We are very thankful for our art teacher. She does an excellent job with our students!

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