Monday, November 3, 2008

Cabin Weekend

Friday afternoon, we loaded up the tractor & our clothes & headed out for the cabin. We arrived in town after a beautiful, scenic drive through the mountains. The leaves on the trees are gorgeous. We decided to eat at the Leslie Cafe. Friday night is Mexican night so we were excited about that. After dinner, we drove to Mountain View to the church camp to help my parents load some furniture they were taking back home. We visited with them, loaded up the 4-wheeler my dad brought up for the boys & with a quick stop at Sonic, we were on our way back to the cabin. It was Halloween night & some goofballs egged our vehicle from a wooded area in the middle of nowhere. Tom & Clay wanted to stop & go back & get them, but I told them we didn't have a gun & that I would really rather shoot them if we were to go we trudged on. Once we made it back to the cabin, we were able to rest for a while & get ready for a full day of work on Saturday.
Saturday morning, Tom & I drove into town to the hardware store to pick up some galvanized sheet metal that we are going to put on the ceiling downstairs in the cabin & a few other things. We then came back & started clearing out an area to the left of the driveway. It seemed to be visiting day at the cabins because all of our neighbors came to visit as well as the guy who sold us the land. So Tom visited...while I worked. Hmm what's wrong with that? I told him that's why my muscles are so sore, b/c he talked while I worked. :) We did have a tractor mishap....that was scary. The engine was revving & the kill switch would not work. Green liquid & black smoke were shooting out everywhere. After a call to Barry, the tractor guru, we were able to get it to stop. And one of the talking visitors was a mechanic so he looked at the I guess that was good. It seems the hydraulics pump went out! was scary...I was thinking...It's gonna blow up! It's gonna burn up the engine! Tom was quite alarmed say the least!
We have a problem with wasps. They have entered the cabin by the hundreds. We've resorted to sucking them up alive with the shop vac. That's fun. Or I step on them just a little to maim them & let them die a slow painful death. Yes, I am mean.
We were able to get a lot done. I told mom that I feel like I'm trying to rake the forest. I wonder if there is an end to that? For some reason...I think not. I wish all of you could see the cabin from when we first started and the progress we've made. It's like...we could have our own reality TV show..."trick my cabin" or something like that! Until next time...

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grammyof13 said...

We missed you guys, but we'll excuse you this time!! I'm sure the cabin and grounds are a picture in comparison to a year ago. Isn't the tractor under warranty? I'm with Clay, you should have chased them down the interstate - Oh that's right that was on Thanksgiving week-end a long time ago, and wasn't it yogurt that time????

luv you guys.