Friday, October 17, 2008

St. George, UT Marathon

I must admit I was somewhat nervous because I was at this race with two of my friends that ran in the "elite" group! They were very encouraging the whole way through and gave me many pointers throughout!

The morning started with a light rain as be boarded the buses to take us up to the starting line. (elevation 5240ft ) When we arrived the light rain turned into a heavy down pour with wind gust up to 23 mph! They had many fires started for everyone to sit around and at one point they ran out of trash bags to shield yourself from the wind AND rain. After an hour wait we lined ourselves up for the start. I started near the middle of the field and it took 4 minutes for me to make it to the start line! If I had one negative thing to say about this race it would have to be that the first 2 miles we all ran in the dark with black trash bags on!!! Too funny!!!

I tried to go out with a very comfortable pace slower than what I did my last two ½ marathons. I really felt good considering it was a downhill race. It rained the whole way down the mountain! At times between the wind and rain it was hard to stay upright. For those of you that know me and my issue with cramps, I was very conscientious about my hydration and nutrition. I made it a point to hydrate at every aid station and I felt great in doing so. I made it to my half in 1:58 a little slower than my previous two but then again, I have never raced a full marathon before. My goal was to come in at 4 hrs and was on pace to come close until I hit the 21mile mark! I stopped to re-hydrate and use the rest room and when I started back I had a thousand ft dropped to the finish line! I think my legs had given out at that point. My goal pace at that point was thrown out the door and I went into “just finish” mode. I made it to the last stretch (elevation 2500 ft) and found my friends waiting for me and at that point I knew I had made it. I posted a chip time of 4:14 and was very proud of that time! I think I am most proud of the fact that I only walked when at the aid stations while re-hydrating! I DID IT!!!

Thanks to everyone with your encouraging comments! I am looking forward to many more races to come!

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