Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Day at the Fair

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Arkansas State Fair on Saturday. We always make a day of it & had a great time. We ate gyros, drank sweet tea, had Coleman ice cream, walked through the livestock, watched people, rode rides, & saw some old friends. We usually attend the rodeo, but won't be able to this year due to other commitments, instead we saw the monster truck show & the demolition derby. Tom & the boys rode in the monster truck...which was pretty awesome.
Now, I grew up attending demolition derbies at our local county fair. These were, and I believe still are the best nights of those fairs. The state fair derby was memorable...very unorganized and definitely needs some help in the MC area...the guy who was the MC was about as fun as watching paint dry. I've never seen a derby where they continuously stop the crashing to bring in the tractor to unhook cars so they can continue the derby. That happened so many times I can't even begin to count. It was the strangest derby I've ever attended. Whoever was in charge of Barton Coliseum forgot that it was 80 degrees outside & forgot to turn the air conditioning on. I'm sure they didn't consider that there would be hundreds of people inside with cars & trucks running and that it might be hot...duh. I can assure you the Tri-County Derby was 10 times better than this one. I kept thinking they should recruit Bo W. He could sure teach them a thing or two about demolition derbies.
We had some less than desirables sitting behind us who's limited vocabulary consisted of foul four-lettered words, and all three of them probably had an IQ of 80 together...I keep reminding myself that "they walk among us". Which reminds me of a funny and true story that a good friend told me the other day. She said & her daughters were in Wal-Mart and needed to pick up a yard-stick. (You know the kind that are wooden & are 36 inches long...a yard?!?!) She went up to a girl who was working & asked where she could find a yard stick. The girl looked at her and said, "In lawn & garden." My friend & her daughters looked at each other & burst out laughing...again I say..."they walk among us!"
We had fun at the fair...we certainly made memories...the kind that will last forever because they were too extreme to forget. We're planning to try it again's Kiddie Day & Graeson needs to ride some rides...I'll let you know if anything memorable happens! Until then....~st

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