Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Day Away

Thursday evening, we took a quick trip to the cabin. Clay & Chandler really wanted to hunt, so we loaded up the car & drove up. When we pulled onto our property, there were 8 deer grazing beside our pond. We got everything unloaded & headed to bed. The boys played around with the video camera. They created funny hunting videos. It was really funny. They were whispering like they do on those videos & said things like...we're on day 3 of our 2 day hunt. We laughed & laughed. Tom & the boys got up early Friday morning to hunt & hunted again Friday evening but there was no hunting success. They had a great time. I lounged on the sofa & read a book until time to load up to head home. It was a nice day away. It's really a blessing to have a place to just get away or escape to! ~st

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