Monday, October 20, 2008

100 Years Old

This past weekend, we traveled to Tennessee to celebrate Tom's grandfather's 100th birthday! How amazing. I cannot imagine living for 100 years... Seventeen presidents, several wars, the Great Depression and countless other celebrations and tragedies nationally and personally. On the way home we discussed how many times a persons heart would beat in that length of time. We calculated about 53 million times. Unbelievable! It was a fun weekend.
The grandsons were chosen to be the celebrity escort & went to the nursing home to pick him up. He was transported to the civic center via a police escort, lights, sirens, & the whole 9-yards. Grandpawpaw was a celebrity & had the paparazzi (family & friends) waiting for him as he arrived. Photo flashes were everywhere! Tom & Barry said that the feeling of driving up with all of those people standing there waiting was exciting for them. So I can only imagine what the guest of honor must have thought & felt. He walked into the building as far as he possibly could which was quite a distance for a 100 year old man. Then he was wheeled the final stretch in his chariot. He was honored & celebrated. What a legacy. At the end of it all, the crowd moved outside to release 100 balloons in his honor!
Three hours, 2 full sheet cakes, 20+ gallons of punch, 7+ pots of coffee, 2+ cheese balls, 3+ chicken salad molds, countless boxes of crackers later; all the guest were gone, the place was cleaned, our clothes were changed, and we headed to the family park for dinner, a bonfire, & fireworks with Sonya & Dan to celebrate their wedding, which was held earlier in the day. It was a perfect fall day for all of the celebrations, and it was wonderful to see all of the family. ~st


Dawn said...

Nina dropped a mail, what a wonderful b-day! 100 years is special. I bet it just made his whole year, I know it would for me. You all did a fantastic job!

tina said...

This is SO WONDERFUL! I can't believe 100 years old either! Wow! Glad it went so well with so many-you did a WUNDERBAR job! Happy Birthday to your Dad and may he have many more!

lola said...

Nina, thanks a million for sharing the festivities. An honor indeed. Very few make 100. He sure is a dapper young gentleman.
A few tears were shed for the honor to see this fine day that was had by all.
I've had you on my mind for a couple days. I so glad all went so well.