Monday, January 28, 2008

Heading back to Reality

Well, we are off the ship and sitting in The Admiral Club in San Juan trying to catch an earlier flight home. (Believe if or not, it looks promising for a Monday!) The trip was short but sweet. We flew into San Juan this past Thursday and just "hung out" around Old San Juan and tried some "local cuisine". I will say that Plantains are not my thing, give me good old "southern potatoes" any day! Friday we slept in trying to catch up from the weary day before. We left for the dock around noon and had to wait about 30 minutes before they let us board. After we settled into our cabin we immediately searched for some food and remembered why cruises are so much fun! The food is always fabulous! After lunch I had to find the gym... Believe it or not, there is another "speedo" bet in a few weeks. (not very bright of me to schedule a cruise right be fore the weight in!!) The first night was pretty uneventful. I decided to wake up early Saturday morning to catch the sunrise, and I am thankful that I did. It was a beautiful morning with the sun coming up through the clouds over one of the islands. After a run at the gym I met up with Steph before heading to our first port of call ... St. Kitts. This island was nothing to really "rave" about even though the water was just beautiful. We pretty much just hung out at the pier and shopped. We came away with a few good items but was saving our energy and money for our next port of call in St. Maartin. Sunday morning we docked in St. Maartin and had about 10 hours to do about what ever we wanted to do. This island was incredible. It reminded me of Cancun, Mexico. I think we spent more time in the market place than we did in the "recommended" shops. For lunch we found a local place and had grilled lobster... Oh my! Fresh lobster over looking the Caribbean... You can't beat that!!! That afternoon after just lounging around on the deck basking in the warm Caribbean sun, we dressed for dinner and tried to keep ourselves from getting sick because of the rough seas and the rolling of the ship. Earlier in the cruise we went to the art gallery to kill some time and check out some of the paintings. While there we signed up for a free painting giveaway. Believe it or not, I won! I had a choice of six different paintings to choose from and narrowed it down to just two... the art dealer (whom we came to know from an earlier meeting) just smiled and said just take "both" of them, that way you do not have to choose! Not a bad deal for a 10 second guess.

There are so many things I want to tell you about, but there just isn't enough space to write it all down.

We you get the opportunity, please feel free to call me or Stephanie so we can fill you in the "Pros and Cons" of taking a cruise out of "San Juan"! Trust me... Too Funny!!! P. S. "Brush up on your Spanish"!!!!! ;-)


Michelle said...

Glad you guys are heading back! We missed you around here. Glad you got to get away!!

pastorgreg said...

Welcome home!

grammyof13 said...

I know you are glad to be home. You can go again, for I loved having the boys. I enjoyed them, hopefully we made some good memories. Welcome Home. will call later. Mom