Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back to work!

Well today I started back traveling for work. I came to Pensacola, FL for a quick trip to meet with two different clients. Any other time the weather is great, but not on this trip. The high here today is 44 with gail force winds. There will not be a walk on the beach this trip! It will be a very busy travel schedule the next few weeks. I will be heading home in the morning, then heading to San Diego Saturday for my 1/2 marathon. (I will keep you posted on the results!)
I return Sunday night then leave Monday for Virginia Beach. I then return Wednesday night then Stephanie and I leave Thursday morning heading to San Juan and departing there for a 4 day Cruise. We will be sailing to St. Kitts and St. Maarteen then back to San Juan. This is a "present" for Stephanie finally graduating college! I am very proud of her!
We return Monday January 28th then I head to Tampa January 30-31, Jacksonville, FL Feb 6-7, then San Diego Feb 12-16. At some point, I will be needing a break. The sad part is that that is just the trips I have scheduled so far. Trust me, there are many more to come.

I will keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

they were good! i made the team, and am so ready for the games to start! how r u guys???

katelyn brooke