Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

For those of you that didn't remember... Saturday was Stephanie's Birthday! I called a few of our friends to meet us at Red Lobster for "Lupper". (I never thought I would hear the end of it from Steph about having everyone meet so late in the day to eat. Not lunch, not supper... but Lupper! ) The meal was great, and getting to see everyone was even more special. I had our friends Joel and Jason Whittington come in for the occasion to help celebrate. Joel and Jason used to play with us in a band years ago, so after "Lupper" we went to a church function and actually got to play together. Joel never let up on Stephanie and Jason kept us in stitches. It was like old times. I must say that I am VERY happy that Jason doesn't live too close now, because he and Clay are kindred spirits!!!! Trust me... very SCARY!!! As far as Chandler is concerned, the highlight of the evening was when we put ALL the candles in the cake and lit them together as one big candle. By doing this the flame was so high and the smoke /heat was so strong that the smoke detector went off. We all had a good laugh over it.


God is Faithful! said...

gee! I'm sorry I forgot Steph! I think about you often and think about our friendship and how we'd call just because...or the many times we "fellowshipped" to get each other out of the house and let the kids play together... but I'm laughing right now about the time at the mall when katelyn and chandler were both acting up and this time you had taken chandler to the bathroom to straighten things out and he kept telling you he had to throw became a real mother that day as you uttered these words..."well when you throw up, i'm going to spank you anyway..."
man the junk we remember...bob and larry at the christian bookstore...and chuck e cheese...chandler was scared of chuckie...katelyn ended up being the lookout for the "big Mouse"...
but especially the friend you were to me. you were always there with an ear to hear with your heart what i had to say! and you were always there with a pecan pie or whatever else that you thought i needed...whatever have i done without you all these years? could you guys move to nashville?
I miss my time with you friend! I still love you much! call me sometime to chat about nothing if you want...we probably have lots to catch up on!
hope your day was awesome!

Aunt Dean said...

Stephanie, Happy belated Birthday!