Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy Week ahead...

I must admit that I have been think about writing something but it seems everytime I get a chance to log on something comes up. Last week Stephanie and I got back from our cruise and I hit the ground running. Tuesday afternoon we had baseball practice then Wednesday morning I boarded a plane heading to Orlando for a lunch meeting. I finished the meeting late in the afternoon then started out on a road trip to Tampa. When I finally got to my hotel room late that afternoon I just sat in front of the computer trying to play "catch up" on so many things that I have put on the back burner while we were on our trip. Thursday I spent working with clients in and out of the operating room and stayed with them till 8pm or so then headed back to the hotel for more computer work. Well I guess that is what they pay to do!!! haha

So much is going on in our lives right now, that I am trying to not let things interfere with my time with Steph and the boys. It seem like every time I get back from a trip Chandler has grown another inch and Clay has come up with a new way to make me laugh! I think I have the two most fun boys to just "hang out" with. (I better enjoy it while I can... one day they won't like me!!) Saturday, we had the challenge of buying Chandler some "practice" cleats and it is so hard to find "molded" cleats (non-metal spike) in a Mens 10 1/2. I don't know where he gets his height from. I always say he looks a lot like the "Fed Ex" man!! haha

Well this Wednesday I am heading to Jacksonville, FL then a quick road trip to Tallahassee. I should be back Friday morning just in time for another fun filled weekend. I will keep you posted on things as they unfold!

until then...

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